3 things you can learn from DJ Khaled that will help you in marketing

It’s no secret anymore that Dj Khaled is absolutely a modern day Branding genius, and it didn’t happen by accident. If you don’t know what I’m talking then download an app called Snapchat and add DJ Khaled, and you will slowly see what I’m talking about. In the last 12 months Dj khaled has went from a well known DJ who does a lot of collaborative records to a worldwide Mogul, and icon. He was able to do this by doing 3 things and it all happened on Snapchat.

Take advantage of what’s trending

So snapchat has been trending for a solid year now and it hasn’t even reached it’s peak yet. Snapchat is a social media app which allows you to share very short video clips (10 seconds) along with pictures. It gives people a day in the life feel and you get to see another side of your favorite celebrities. What DJ khaled did was take advantage of this opportunity. I’m sure he didn his research and looked at where this has the possibility to go, and then he started putting in the work. He began giving people a look into his daily life and fans started going crazy over it. He made people laugh, inspired others, and so much more. Because of his reach and success on snapchat he’s now been able to leverage that attention to get on mmovies, countless amount of magazine covers, and now on the Beyonce formation tour. All because he took advantage of what’s trending.

Have your Own language

Having your own language has it’s benefits for so many reasons. One of Dj Khaled’s most popular saying is “Another One” and “We the Best!” Now those may seem like a couple words to you, but he says it so often, now when someone else says it or thinks about the word DJ Khaled is immediately triggered in their mind. He also loves saying “stay away from they.” Which basically means stay away from the haters, and the people who don’t believe in you and in what you are doing. Now a lot of people resonate with that and love what he’s saying. What has his own language done from him? After his language is known by a lot of people he started a clothing line with all his favorite saying from t shirts, to flip flops, to hoodies. Now he’s making a fortune off clothing apparrel alone. That’s what his own language has done for him.

Be repetitive

Here’s the last thing I’ve noticed about him. He promotoes most of his stuff on snapchat because that’s where the attention is at. He’s getting 3 or 4 MILLION views on his stories, so why not market on snapchat? So whenever he has a big announcement he preps you a few days before. He will say I have a big announcement in 3 days, and for those next 2 and a half days you will hear it so much you will be anticipating the announcement. When he announced he was going on the formation tour with Beyonce at least 60% of his snaps had #formationtour on them. What repetitiveness does is subliminally get things in your mind. Dj khaled makes you want to come back to his story to see what the next big annoucnement is or to see what chef dee is cooking for breakfast. He is a genius marketer and had taken so many people by storm it’s almost scary.

This is only the beginning for him, and so many others marketing on their social media platforms. Don’t take social media lightly because it truly has the capability to change the whole trajectory of your life if you are able to find your lane in it. Social Media marketing is putting traditional channels out of business because the cost is way less and a lot more effective, so in the near future you better be killing it in your space.

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