I know what you’re thinking. Interesting title, but let me see what this article is about really quick. I promise you I won’t waste your time. Most ways to make money you have to put work in, and crank up the machine. But I have found a way to literally make money in the next few hours, so check it out.

No matter where you’re at you can do this especially in the United States. So most of us have things laying around at home in the garage, closet or whatever right. What I have found is a lot of those things have value to other people although you haven’t used that thing in the past few months or maybe even year. So here’s what you can do.

1. Gather

Go gather up everything you do not want nor think you need. What I’ve learned is if you sell something off you really won’t even miss it. You can make a decent amount if you do this.

2. Download

There’s an app you must download. It’s called Offer Up, and looks like this.


This is an app that alot of people in your city use and they buy furnitutre, jewlery, cars, shoes, etc. It’s like a smaller more cleaner version of Craigslist and I love it. Minutes after you post you can have messages of people trying to buy stuff from you. If you do this now you can have cold hard cash in the next couple of hours! It really works! Go try it out, and I guarantee it can change your life. I say that because this can be the tool to help you save a couple hundred dollars to start the business you really want to start.

Big Money Idea

Now let’s take it a step further. There’s a section on Craigslist that my wife told me about. The section is a “free” section. If you’re feeling really froggy try this. Go on the free section of craigslist and go pick up the items. It may be a couch, and TV, chairs, doesn’t matter. As long as it’s in good condition you can go pick it up.

Once you have that free item in your hand take those photos of it and put it on your Offer Up app, and you can sell what you got for free within a couple hours. That’s insane Margins and great returns on your time invested. If you get really good at this you may be able to turn it into a full time thing. I’m just saying. If you try this out and are successful at it let me know so we can celebrate it!

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Hey everyone! I’m Isiah Fowler Founder of Starts With A Vision and I’m in love with life, happiness, success, and Entrepreneurship.

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