So I’ve been podcasting for almost 2 years and I’ve accomplished quite a few things in this short, but long 20 Months. I’ve learned a ton so I wanted to let you know how to win with podcasting in 2018 from an Expert. Before we go into the Hacks I’m going to show you two things I’ve done to leverage my podcast.


Now the picture above is the cover of an Entrepreneurial Mixtape I created. I put it out for free on all streaming platforms, but sold 50 copies for $50 and sold out in a week. Now it’s not about the money, it’s about the fact that I was able to inspire and influence people to spend money on something they were able to get for free. This showed me I had something special.


Right before Labor Day I announced that I was going on a Digital Marketing Tour for 3 months. Now I didn’t know what I was getting myself into AT ALL, but I was fearless and knew I could leverage my podcast and make this tour happen. Besides, who was going on a tour who had a podcast?? This was me being different and creative.

We weren’t able to make it to every city, because there were hurricanes and natural disasters around this time, but it was a great experience and when I do this again I am way more informed on how to go about it. I essentially got paid to learn and build my brand. That’s a win win to me.


So those are a few things I was able to do with my podcast and below are they 6 Podcasting Hacks for 2018!


Hack #1 Dial In on Your Avatar

When I first started my podcast I had no Avatar. I just wanted to share my message with anyone who wanted to listen. I did this because of where I was at in my life. I just wanted to help people. Sound familiar?

But the thing I learned is that although we all want to help people we must do it intentionally and with a plan. So you have to dial in on your Avatar when you’re planning this podcast. If you know exactly whom you’re talking to it’s so much easier to create content for that person. You can better serve your audience this way, but if you don’t know whom you’re talking to you’re going to have a ton of trouble.


Hack #2 Know what you’re selling (Have a Purpose)

When I launched my podcast I didn’t have anything to sell (Crazy right). My podcast was me giving back, in a sense, because I was investing in real estate before I came into this online entrepreneurial world.

When you launch your podcast you want to have your offerings in place so that when people reach out to you you’re able to send them somewhere and move forward with your products and/or services. So for me I was building as I was growing and it’s a lot easier if you already have those in place before you launch.


Hack #3 MARKET the Content you put out

One of the most popular questions people ask me is “How many episodes should I do? This is a great question, but here’s some perspective for you.

Think about every episode like a New Product or Product launch. You have to handle your podcast in Layers.

You have to be marketing your Podcast/Platform and then you have to market each episode that you publish. What good is publishing episodes if they’re not getting out to anyone?

When I was putting out 4 Episodes PER WEEK I had to push EVERY SINGLE Episode Every Monday through Thursday week in and week out. That can get EXTREMELY DRAINING. That’s a full time job in itself.

So instead of asking how many episodes per week you should put out, think about how many single episodes you can market effectively per week.

Whatever you do, DO NOT just put out episodes and not have them being marketed. If you do that then you’re going to feel like you’re not making ANY progress at all and it may lead to you quitting and/or feeling sad or depressed. I talk about this strategy a lot deeper inside of Podcast With A Vision.


Hack #4 Plan Patiently

Now when I was coming up with my strategy for the podcast I came up with the crazy idea to do 4 episodes per week with 2 interviews and 2 episodes of myself solo EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Some would have called me crazy, but I didn’t care because I was just so passionate about my message and the things I’ve been through. Now here’s the thing about planning patiently.

When you are coming up with your Strategy plan for something you can keep up with in the future! There’s a saying that goes “It’s not about what you can get, it’s about what you can keep or maintain.” That’s the mindset I want you to have when launching your podcast.

You can always start out with 1 episode per week and then graduate to 2 or 3 episodes per week once you gauge your workload, systems etc. Don’t jump into 4 episodes per week and then get burnt out in 2 months and give up, because that’s what happens more times than not.

If you know yourself and know you can do 3,4,5 episodes per week then go for it, but don’t feel obligated to put out all this content every single day just because other people are talking about it. There’s more than one way to win in business, especially online.


Hack #5 BE ORIGINAL Please

Now this “hack” is extremely important. I’m going to need YOU to be original and 100% yourself. Now you may be reading this and saying to yourself “I am original, what’s he talking about?” I really mean ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC. Allow me to explain.

We are living in a society where everyone is teaching the same things over and over again and just regurgitating the exact same stuff. It gets old and annoying after a while. I need you to think different and creative. If you aren’t creative then hire someone with a creative mind to help you strategize or Purchase a course that will help guide you to where you want to get to.

Your podcast has NO limits! Literally none, and your podcast will go as far as you want to take it. My podcast has been with me on tour, with an entrepreneurial mix tape and so many more things. I thought outside the box, and didn’t do what everyone was doing.

Whatever your Niche is I want you to step outside of it and look at it from an Eagle’s Eye View. As you look at it I want you to then ask yourself what is everyone doing? Once you recognize it all then I want you to shake it up and do something completely different that no one in the niche or industry would have thought about.

If you can do that then I Guarantee you you’ll be successful because people love different. That’s how you will get those major publications, and speaking engagements and everything else you want.


Hack #6 Your Podcast doesn’t make you money

Say it with me. “My Podcast doesn’t directly make me money.”

I need you to understand that. The biggest podcast on the planet doesn’t make a dime. But their influence does, their products do, their services do, their live events do.

Your podcast is another Distribution channel to MARKET yourself and your business. That is what I want you to use this platform.

Use your podcast as a distribution channel and also another touch point for your potential customers and clients to get more familiar with you to increase sales.

Did you know that on average it takes 7 times for someone to touch you in order for him or her to purchase something from you? So why not have a podcast and then market each episode to them and after they’re more familiar with you then they will purchase from you.

This is why I love podcasting because it’s a platform and once you put out a piece of content out there it’s on the Internet FOREVER. So you may close a client today from a podcast you put out a year ago! It happens every single day.


So those are my Top 6 hacks for Podcasting in 2018. If you have yet to start a podcast and want to get started then I have a course titled Podcast With A Vision where I take all the guess work away and give you EVERYTHING you need in order to make it happen.

This is the ONLY course you’ll ever need because it’s an all in one and there’s no fluff. I tell you EXACTLY what I did in order to make your podcast something special and of course we have a community to go along with it as well.

This course is the best “Bang for your buck” by far so if you want to learn how to do what I’ve done CLICK HERE and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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