SWAV 108 : The REAL REASON why businesses FAIL

SWAV 108 : The REAL REASON why businesses FAIL


Quote of the Day


“Be a resource, not a sales pitch.”


So many people are always focused on getting, getting, and getting that no one ever cares about giving giving or giving. If you are focused on giving more then you are focused on what’s in it for you your life will be enriched. You life’s quality will be higher and higher because the law of reciprocity is always working. Also, be a person of value, and someone who has something to offer. Bring so much to the table, that people want to give you the world. That’s the secret.


Topic of The Day


Why Most Businesses Fail



Time Management


Family Issues




These are just a few of the intangibles out there that affect someone and their entrepreneurial journey. It’s not about the data, it’s not about the 20 page business plan. It’s about the intangibles that no one on the planet is talking about!



Book Recommendation



Tim Grover


The author Starts With A Vision

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  1. Great podcast you made some excellant point’s and that’s why everybody is not built for this because its takes literally blood sweat and tears..but if you think about it people would put those same blood sweat and tears into working a regular job or at a big cooperation but the only difference between working for them and being a enterperunal is you get to clock out at the end of your shift but when you work for yourself the work Dont stop but the Reward is so much greater! I myself have been at the “bottom” I’ve helped other cooperations build their brand build their companies now I’ve never given myself the opportunity to reach the top so I’m going for the gold this time I’m all in thanks again Mr.Swav once again knowledge is power D.m.


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