SWAV 127 : How to make a living by being yourself W/ Nick Brown

SWAV 127 : How to make a living by being yourself W/ Nick Brown



Nick Brown said one simple thing to his father that he lives by and changed the scope of his life. He simply told his dad “ I just want to make a living by being myself.”


Nick didn’t know exactly what that meant, or how it was even going to happen, but it did manifest over time. As he was in college he ended up going to audition for MTV’s Real World Hollywood and eventually got it because the director liked him.


The crazy part about it all, was Nick has to leave college early in order to get this spot and make it happen. Since then he’s done so much including:


Dockers Commercial

Sams Club Commercial

Stand in for TV Show Power

Real World Hollywood

Host of MTVs Spring break for the past 6 years now


Nick is all about adventuring through life as oppose to just going through life. He said a pair of shoes give you no memories and teach you nothing, but that trip overseas will stay with you forever because of the people you meet and experiences you have.



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