Quote of the Day


“Think Bigger”


I truly feel that we are never at our Full Potential when it comes to us as human beings. I say this because we are all always progressing and getting better. There’s always another level, a higher level, etc. Why not think bigger? Why not dream bigger? Why not always have a higher level you are striving for then where you are? Thinking bigger can and will change your life.


Topic of the Day


Creative Investing 101


  • Give Out a loan to someone
  • Become a Private Lender on certain things
  • How much interest does your money get in banks?


What is investing?


Investing is putting out money or time in efforts of receiving more than what you put out, whether it be time, money, or anything.


Next you want to, and must, think outside the box! Have you ever thought to do exactly what all these huge financial institutions do, but just on a smaller level until you’re able to grow bigger?


It’s all about thinking HUGE, and not allowing anyone to sway you otherwise. Be creative and go get your money!


Book Recommendation


Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuck

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