SWAV 168 : Inside the Marketing Campaign of a $50 Mixtape (How to charge more and not be afraid)

SWAV 168 : Inside the Marketing Campaign of a $50 Mixtape (How to charge more and not be afraid)


Quote of the Day


“Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows.”


Relationships are the basis of a successful business and life in general! If you have good relationships with people across the board and are intentional about building good relationships then your life will be very fruitful. Relationships are something that you can’t quantify, but are one of the most important things on the planet to have.


Topic of the Day


The Marketing Campaign for the $50 Mixtape & Charging what you’re worth


Mixtape Feedback:


Amazing Mixtape


What I learned is that people wanted to pay the $50 because they knew that this mixtape wasn’t just like any other mixtape. They knew that I wouldn’t be charging $50 for no reason.


I also learned that people purchase the mixtape because I simply believed in myself and what I am doing. I believed in myself so much and that made them believe in me and make the purchase.


Out of the 200+ people 50 people purchased, and only ONE person had something to say about the price of my mixtape. That goes to show you that the prices is never a factor, and if people want to purchase something they will. It’s more about your delivery and packaging of a product when it comes to the purchase of it by a customer.


Also, what I’ve learned is that when you have a higher price on your product or service it is immediately looked at as a higher perceived value and will be more respected in a sense.


Don’t even charge a low price for your product or service, just to get customers. Raise your value to meet your pricing and you can make a Killing.

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