SWAV 170 : How to Truly Get Ahead



Quote of the Day


Be Brave

Take Risks

Nothing can Substitute Experience.


I want you to think about your life and think about a time you took action and didn’t learn anything valuable. Now, I want you to think about a time where you didn’t take action, but felt that you were missing out on something or you knew that you should have took that action. Well to be honest with you, your experience is going to be the best teacher. If you have experience, that will build up your profile, and ability for having more confidence.


Topic of the Day


How to get ahead


Grind on Weekends

Grind on the Night time

Grind Your Free Time


Things you can do to grind:




-Mapping Out Plans

-Saving Money


Book Recommendation


The greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandingo

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