SWAV 185 : From Client to Business Partner W/ Neil Patel

SWAV 185 : From Client to Business Partner W/ Neil Patel



Neil Patel is in the Solar energy space with quite the story. His story is very interesting and something we can definitely learn from.


Neil Patel Started off with Online Marketing and was freelancing for a while, where he landed a couple solid clients from. From there he went on to get them results that they were very happy with, and instead of taking more money he took an equity position in the company and is now an executive board instead of just having them as a client.


I asked him a question. I said “How do you get someone to believe you are valuable.”


Neil Highlighted a few things.


-Get used to taking a lot of Nos

-Be sincere, and show the solution

-Be willing to do Probono work

-Come with part of the Solution in Hand


These are very eye opening and offer so much insight into what you should be shooting and striving for when trying to acquire new clients for your business.

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