SWAV 186 : Choosing the Right Business Partner 101

SWAV 186 : Choosing the Right Business Partner 101



Quote of the Day


“Wealth is of the Heart and Mind, not the Pocket.” –Pharrell Williams


Let’s not get it twisted. Money does make the world go around, but money should not make or break who you are as a person and your character. Don’t allow money to control your emotions, decisions, and everything else that your character is based upon. You need to know that you ARE wealthy. You are internally wealthy because you woke up with an opportunity today like no other. Embrace that.


Topic of the Day


Choosing the right business partner


-Tardy (No No)

-You have to subject yourself to their whole life literally

-Same Page As each other

-Liar (No No)

-Money Hungry?

-Focused (Must)

-Business Understanding Level (Balance)


These are some vital, and key things to take in consideration when choosing a business partner to do business with. Keep in mind that when you are thinking about going into business with someone you are choosing to “marry” that person and “get in bed” with them. This isn’t just a transaction type of deal, it’s a long term play, so be careful.


Book Recommendation


The 7 habits of highly effective people by Steven R Covey

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