SWAV 187 : How to Create A Culture that Sticks W/ Marcus Gilmore

SWAV 187 : How to Create A Culture that Sticks W/ Marcus Gilmore



Marcus Gilmore is based in Dallas and in the owner of a website titled “The Culture Supplier” which is a website dedicated to building a culture dedicated to the millennials. This website has everything you need including Business info, Success, personal development, finances, and even Urban Music.


Marcus noticed that there was always some type of misinformation out there and that inspired him to start this website.


He now has 10+ people creating content for the website so that the wesite can be able to put out content each and every single day sometimes up to 5 pieces on content per day, which is A LOT of content on a consistent basis.


I asked Marcus how he’s been able to consistently do this and he said a few things.


Marcus said:


-Be consistent

-Be Passionate

-Take care of your people


Marcus does a Brunch for the content curators every month in which they discuss ideas, for the website for content, and so much more. This is more then a brunch this is a mastermind, and an opportunity for everyone to be able to bounce ideas off each other and grow into the best version of themselves.


You can find out more of what Marcus is doing at the Website Below:

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