SWAV 189 : The future of Marketing W/ Randy Rayess

SWAV 189 : The future of Marketing W/ Randy Rayess



Randy Rayess is the Co Founder of Outgrow, which is a marketing app. An app designed and made for marketers, along with this being the future of marketing as a whole.


Randy tells how the future of Marketing is moving towards things being more personable, instead of the current state of it today, and now. This is software that involves no coding, or any other expensive crazy complicated skillsets needed.


In building the company Randy and his Co founded took the lean approach and didn’t spend money on anything that didn’t deserve or need to be spent. They bootstrapped heavy and it has paid off.


In order to market properly and get them to purchase from you there are two things that need to be done and/or said in order to get that lead to convert.


-Have and Present Great Content


-Educate Customers of Key Questions


Below we also compared how marketing used to be in 2012 compared to today in 2017.


2012 Marketing



-Static Content

-Too Much Content

-Higher Bar



2017 Marketing


-Personalized Interaction


You can contact Outgrow at:


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