SWAV 190 : How to deal with Depression as an Entrepreneur

SWAV 190 : How to deal with Depression as an Entrepreneur



Quote of the Day


“Not all who wonder are lost”


Just because someone is traveling around the world doesn’t mean that they are lost or don’t know what they’re doing with their life. People who seek adventure and newness and new things in life normally find themselves and their meaning of life.


Topic of the Day


How to Deal with depression as an Entrepreneur


-Have an Outlet (2 types)

-Someone to talk to

-Something to do

-Don’t have a pity party

-Become Numb to your problems

-Focus on Solutions

-Let time do it’s thing


Depression is a very real thing in this world, and I can’t turn my back to it. It’s something that I’ve battled before along my Journey and I wanted to dedicate a whole episode to this topic to help someone out there who may be battling with the exact same thing.


If you are facing depression then the time is now to love yourself, and love exactly where you are in your life, and on your journey. It’s not about how other people are living their life or anything. It’s about how much you love your journey and life and how patient you can be. Learn to love all your mistakes as well. It is life changing.



Book Recommendation


The Millionaire Booklet by Grant Cardone

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