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SWAV 191 : Raising $32,000 to launch a Nutrition Company W/ David Taylor

SWAV 191 : Raising $32,000 to launch a Nutrition Company W/ David Taylor




David Taylor is the Owner of Mobius Nutrition, which is a Nutrition company in the fitness Industry where they have a morning breakfast meal replacement powder.


His breakfast Powder is Coconut Based with Nutropics and Multi Vitamins in it, which is something that no other meal replacement on the market has. Every other meal replacement usually has empty Carbs in it, or that is the base and they don’t do much for your body, but Mobius does.


David Taylor, used to be a chemical engineer, and everyday he went to work he was always rushing out the door, and wanted some type of breakfast, which is what inspired this whole business.


When launching the Company David launched a Crowd funding Campaign and in 30 days they were able to raise $32,000 for the company’s expenses for manufacturers, etc.


David stated that when it comes to Crowdfunding, Preparation is Key. There is no way that you can do a crown funding campaign, be ill prepared and have to go successful. There must be strategy involved or else it will fail.


You can find out more about Mobius Nutrition and the Breakfast Meal Replacement below:

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