SWAV 227 : Making over $50k as a Brand New coach W/ Latisha Styles

SWAV 227 : Making over $50k as a Brand New coach W/ Latisha Styles


LaTisha “Tish” Styles is a digital marketing strategist and business coach helping entrepreneurs take an existing skill and turn it into an online business. She is the President of Financial Success Media, LLC. Through her signature training programs, LaTisha helps service based entrepreneurs build an online presence that serves one clear purpose, helping them gain more clients. She has been featured in The Economist, quoted in Forbes, and featured in Fast Company.


Latisha Styles has a program titled “You’ve got Clients” and she is a Business Coach who’s made over $50k as a Brand New Coach.


She started an online Brand and saw a lot of success. She was able to partner with big brands like PNC Bank, Progressive, and Discover to name a few. These brands were looking for the right type of Product placement and Influencer Marketing.


Latisha was an influencer and these Brands wanted to market to her crowd, and she would receive commissions for when her audience took action on those promotional Offers.


She now coaches people into getting the right results for her clients, whether it be other coaches or whatever, she is serving them in that manner.


She said a few quotes that were powerful.


Bigger Impact = Charge More


Impact Determines your rate


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