SWAV 246 : Do you need your software updated?



Quote of the Day

I‘ve always have confidence, it came because I have lots of initiative. I want to make something of myself – by Eddie Murphy


He have the confidence, but it came because he had initiative. Success is when it meets preparation. When you have initiative, you’ll have confidence because you are prepared for it. Take initiative and pick the book to get you prepared


If you want to buy a house, buy a rug – Ted Cruz. You just have to take the first step, because you are preparing yourself to take more step to be a homeowner.


Topic of the Day:

Do you need a software update?


Do you need to update your mindset? There is a lot of things you need to update and keep updating, if you want to be relevant in this world today.


1 Friends – update your friends based on your current life. Not the same people who you’ve started with, will still be with you today. Not the same best friends from high school will be the same friends with you today. You need to be welcoming your new friends, because they can be the people who can help you earn better and better self. If the people around you doesn’t make you to be better, than they are just making you worst.


The people I talk to everyday have changed a lot. It change from the conversations I had, from the interviews to the phone calls and text messages that I had. Every single conversation is building me up, by building them up too. We are keeping our conversation and comment current.


Your friends are part of your system and you need to keep them current. If they are stuck with what they are doing, they you tend to be stuck too.


  1. Thoughts – your thoughts are important too. When I started the podcast, it changed my vision too. I am always open for criticism, for ideas and everything. Everyday the vision grows stronger and bigger.


Stop your pity party. Think good things and think powerful stuff. Think only of the things that will build you up. Fill your thoughts with positivity because that will be your outlook in life. Negativity cannot survive in a positive world.


Everything has a habitat. Your thoughts have habitat and whatever it is, it reflects in your life.


  1. Habits – It’s easy to break, but hard to build up. Keep your habits updated. Have that sharp mind by having an updated habit. Have the synergy. Your body works in synergy and so as your entrepreneur.


You can’t have good thoughts, if you don’t have good habit. You can’t have good thoughts if you are surrounded by negative people. You cannot have good friends when you do not have good thoughts. These all work in synergy.


So, update your system and mindset. Be better and keep updating mentally, spiritual, physically and financially. The time to change and be update is now.



Book Recommendation:

Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior
by Leonard Mlodinow

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