SWAV 248 : How do I know my Idea is business worthy?

SWAV 248 : How do I know my Idea is business worthy?




Text message from Bara:

Good morning! I have listed to your podcast for 2 months now and you have dropped nothing, but keys! Long story short, this podcast aid me in quitting my 9-5 and focusing more on my business!! Keep doing what you are doing, we are out here truly listening!


Quote of the Day:

Everyone have lessons and challenges to learn, you wouldn’t be who you are without them. – P Diddy


Everything that you go through is a lesson or a challenge, but it help you become who you are today.


Topic of the Day:

How Do I Know When My Idea is Worthy or If It’s Business Worthy

  1. You know it’s worthy when you believe in it.
  2. You know it’s worthy if you look at the trends or does it have the ability to go with the trend
  3. You know it’s worthy if it’s practical
  4. Is this a short term thing?
  5. Is this an alignment with my goals?
  6. Is it worth dying for?
  7. Know what the future would look like


Book Recommendation:

The Subtle Art of Not Giving An F*ck! – Mark Mason

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