SWAV 253 : Creating a business for the Community W/ Martez Prince

SWAV 253 : Creating a business for the Community W/ Martez Prince



Special Guest: Martez Prince

CEO, Independent Pharmacy Owner

Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center, NC

(A Lifestyle Pharmacy)



  • The perfect job didn’t really exist and that I needed to create that job. And so from there, I kind of just came up with the plan. And I realize that I truly did enjoy being a pharmacist, but it was just doing that particular job that I didn’t like. So, I started with the company Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center.


  • Well, for most part, I think that was really what people think. Kind of the medical aspect, but pharmacist is of course concern and can do many different capacity. The pharmacy that I mainly do is a pharmacy in your neighborhood that you could come in. Take your prescription and different things like that. But, what people truly don’t know is that basically, we help people by providing an array of services.



  • I work on my last shift as a pharmacist with them and that I get up 9 everyday. That’s the time the pharmacy is open and I leave till 5pm. So, I put in the work that was necessary to get the pharmacy to where it needed to be to opening doors.



  • Absolutely! It’s all about investing. It’s like needing to know what kind of investment is and what is the average turn of investment. I think that is all important. And I think, we have to remember when asking people what they are interested in. You know, we have to give them the information that they desire in order to make them understand your vision.

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