SWAV 256: F*** A Blueprint


Quote of the Day:

Of all things Leadership should fear, complacency should be the head of the list. – John C Maxwell


If you an entrepreneur you are a leader. You are taking a road less traveled and because of that you are a leader. Since you are a leader, you should fear complacency. Grow and reach what you need to reach, your full performance.


Topic of the Day: F*ck A Blueprint


When you start an online present or product, they tell you to start the platform, build the audience and create a course/digital products. That’s all that the people think of doing. I told myself, I do not want to be the rest. I don’t want to follow that blueprint. Cause that happen is, someone lays a blueprint… continuously number of people will follow that. And because everyone is following it, no one is being creative anymore. It started with an untapped marketed, someone started creating a blueprint. Then everyone followed it, that’s how the online course and digital industry blown up!


Everyone is just following that mold. I say “F***” that blueprint. What is this doing? This is affecting people’s creativity and abilities. People are not being creative in the entrepreneurial space anymore, because they are now just following blueprint that someone laid out for them. Because they just want to make money, that’s it. They do not want to honor the process! If you go through the process, you will be able to do something that you cannot even teach somebody how to do. Why is that? Because your journey is so unique to you and that is what people fail to realize.


  1. The more you follow the blueprint, the more you are cheating yourself. Following someone else’s blueprint, you are being that person. So you are losing your identity, because you missed your own journey.
  2. We are all unique – If you start a podcast and you see someone else do it. Don’t just do it like them. Know the principles and offer the you. Stop trying to fit in, if you are meant to stand out.
  3. Accept who you are – You are free and not worrying about anyone’s opinion.
  4. You do not have to have business card – stop trying to mold yourself to the norms


Book Recommendation

Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money

– Rabbi Daniel Lapin

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