SWAV 269 : Getting Gov’t, Federal & Corporate Contracts as a small business W/ Amy Reese

SWAV 269 : Getting Gov’t, Federal & Corporate Contracts as a small business W/ Amy Reese



Amy Reese

ARC Business Solution

Help small business get access to federal and corporate contracts



  • I had been in corporate America. Worked as a successful corporate development executive and I have spearheaded with multi-million dollar strategic partnerships with a lot of the fortune 500 organizations in the South East.


  • In Corporations there are so many different departments, so many different levels that when you are talking about a company that for example one of my past client Delta Airlines or Coca Cola or UPS. You know there is a main phone number. If you are an average business or average small business owner and you’ve never reach out to try to do business with major corporation.. Where do you begin?


  • Take some time to get yourself a domain and a real email address of your company. If you are going to do business with me and try to win federal and corporate contacts, you got to change that anyway.


  • When you work for major corporations, especially since I was in corporate development when I was literally responsible for bottomline… If we didn’t succeed, the company doesn’t succeed.


  • Introduce them and share with them, you know, about ARC business solution and maybe we can form our own strategic partnership and what made the other. But, I also go in my client’s mind because I want to find out, you know, who do you have contract with your towing company because I have a client who is a tow truck operator just received their MBE certification. You know? So, it’s not just doing everything without a clear plan in mind and having that plan in mind is having the end result in mind.


  • Be fair with yourself! Understand how much it really takes for your to do a work. Shop around and just be fair to yourself and to your client. Believe in what you are doing!


  • Entrepreneur is freedom… Being able to have the freedom to do the business on your time is about excellence… You only have yourself to hold accountable/


Go out there follow your path, do what you need to do. At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is for you to have the freedom


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