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SWAV 271 : How to Boss Up as an Entrepreneur in PR W/ Jamillah Rahmaad

SWAV 271 : How to Boss Up as an Entrepreneur in PR W/ Jamillah Rahmaad


Special Guest:

Jamillah Rahmaad


Working on your brand to get the attention your business deserves



  • I was like, “Yow? I can’t go into medicine!” But, I don’t have other plan. So what happened was one of my mentors was like “Why don’t you try the business side of healthcare. So, I started doing business internship and marketing healthcare.


  • That’s where I have started, but then I transitioned to what I love. It transitioned into PR with a lot of small businesses attending my events and a lot of the people I have met. I have always heard “I like you bringing this to my business”..


  • I also started changing the people that I was around. That honestly make a big difference cause in the past I have a lot of friends. The things that I am previously interested in they weren’t interested anymore and that can cause a divide.


  • For a little while, I have been doing the traditional method that people tell you. Go network in advance, shake a hand, asking for referrals, tapping into my network, randomly pitching people and whatever that took that people tell you to traditionally do. That is where I was, in the cycle of got a client, don’t have a client and so on. Kind of having that rollercoaster that is unnecessary


  • After I have done the first one. I was like “Oh okay” now I started offering it with a discount rate and then that worked. So I said “Oh okay! I am seeing success here. Now, let me go up after I have showcase the people that I provide the value of business. “


  • Have an honest conversation with yourself. I know that a lot of us struggle with what we we want to do, where we want to target our focus. But, a lot of that comes from we haven’t just sat down in a quiet place and have a quiet private moment with ourselves and really thought through what do I like, what can I provide value in, who is this going to be targeted too and is it going to make me money so that I can be considered an entrepreneur.


Book recommendation:

  1. Ego is enemy – Ryan Holiday


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