SWAV 275 : Why Email Marketing IS NOT Dead W/ Kristen Smith

SWAV 275 : Why Email Marketing IS NOT Dead W/ Kristen Smith



Special Guest

Kristen Smith

Biz Techpreneur



  • It is pretty much a hybrid. My former menton had the idea. I said I wanted to intercept the biz and the tech industry cause I have been in the tech industry for a while and I want to make sure that I can still connect business to it.


  • I am here to bridge the gap because most of this professional base business. There are people online, but people offline need this service because off that, we need to make sure that that is connected. And I feel like, I am that designated to connect that link.


  • That is honestly what I struggled with when I started my business because technology is so broad that you can do so many things. So for me, originally when I started out my business model. So last year I made hybrid where I do product and offer service.


  • On average day, 88% of people checked and gets on their smartphone at some capacity. But, now we are not only checking social media.We are checking out their email too. So, if that number is quantifiable for that particular industry and you realized that it is more so email is on the rise again, cause it is and will be all the way till 2019. Why wouldn’t you want to focus on that instead of focusing on social media. You have people that could be your potential client that might not be online or in social media world.


  • A lot of manufacturers are coming out of the same equipment because they saw something coming and now we are high and it is going to continue to grow even till next year. Same with email marketing, suddenly all this new start up and everything is changing including plan. This means this is innovation for technology industry.


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