SWAV 278 : The Power of Strategic Relationships

SWAV 278 : The Power of Strategic Relationships



The Power of Strategic Relationship


I will illustrate it and give you an example because sometimes we as an entrepreneur and solopreneurs. We do a lot of things on our own and the truth of the matter is you can’t do it all onQuote of the Day:

You don’t get burnt out. You lose purpose, you lose meaning. When I am tired I look at my purpose. – Grant Cardone


Do we really get burnt out? Or do we just need to recalibrate at our purpose. Your purpose can change a lot of times, more like your motivation is changed and when your motivation is changed, your purpose might change as well. So, because of that you may not know why you’re tired. Maybe your purpose changed because your motivation changed or something in your life is changed. So, when this happens kind of look back in your life for the past 3-6 months and look at what’s happening, what’s going on because maybe something happened that changed your motivation.


Topic of the Day: your own. And because you can’t do it all on your own, it is important for your to acknowledge leveraging to those partnerships or strategic relationships.


Networking – a friend introduced me to clients where we did marketing online. If I didn’t go to that initial meeting, this will not happen. This is when we started strategic relationship. So, everytime I see someone who need service she can provide then I refer and she does the same for me. She refers me to her clients as well by set a day and we meet her clients one by one.


You can also do that kind of leveraging for your business. Come up with somebody you know, who you can start strategic partnership because this partnership is very powerful if used wisely.


Book Recommendation:

CA$HVERTISING: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone – Drew Eric Whitmann

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