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SWAV 283 : From sleeping on Air Mattresses to becoming to highest paid Female Consultant with Stephanie Synclair

SWAV 283 : From sleeping on Air Mattresses to becoming to highest paid Female Consultant with Stephanie Synclair



Special Guest:

Stephanie Synclair



  • I dropped out of school when I was 16. I had been skipping school for the whole year and I had been put out of school. When I came back, it put me behind and I was like “I am too smart to be behind” and so I ended up leaving and when ahead to get my GED. When I got my GED in a week. But, while I was skipping school I was going to the library everyday and I would be studying biographies and autobiography.


  • I was talking to people who doesn’t want to buy a baloney. As soon as it hit me, I was like “I am done!” And I immediately deleted my youtube channel and deleted my facebook page and I was absolutely dumb with their brand. I wiped it all away and I never regret it.


  • Maybe one or two people, but people doesn’t use traveling in their marketing. So, I knew! Remember I said “You gotta stay fresh”, “You got to know what’s fresh as an idea” now you are noticing a lot of people cramming into the industry. We have all this experts and everybody experts so let them tell it. I want to demonstrate that I am a lifestyle expert. I can show you how to make money, while not being locked down to an occasion. So, I was like “No better way to show it than for you to do it”.


  • You have to be okay. You have to worry about how you are going to pay your mortgage. It’s going to be really difficult for you to change someone else’s life because at the back of your mind “Hey, I need to pay my mortgage.”


  • I thought about you, do you want to hop on the phone? And she said “It’s funny cause I have been seeing your post and I keep thinking if this is for me?” Sometimes people will not reach out to you, sometimes you gotta be willing to do what you do not want to do. Sometimes, its uncomfortable to sail, because you are afraid of being rejected.


  • I didn’t limit myself because I have ovaries. I didn’t limit myself because I have extra melanin in my skin. I am playing a white man’s game and I am okay with that. Hell! I can shift your business too. I can help you make a hundred thousands too! Why the heck would I downplay myself just because I have ovaries and melanin.

Wealthy people knows how to value information and education because a wealthy person will spend as much as they can to learn how something can make them more.


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