SWAV 284 : What do you do Mr. SWAV? Here’s the Answer

SWAV 284 : What do you do Mr. SWAV? Here’s the Answer


Quote of the Day:

The truth is everything will be okay, as soon as you are okay with everything and that is the only time that everything will be okay.


– Michael Singer from “The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself” book


If you are experiencing all the worst in your life, you can say I am okay and cool with what’s going on right now. No matter how stormy it is on your life, no matter if it is craziness, no  matter if there’s really no good stuff going on because when you are okay with that. Now you are not fighting, you are not resisting and not operating resistance and life is starting to treat you better because you are now approaching certain things better. That is the only time things will be better.


Topic of the Day:

What do you do Mr. SWAV? Here’s the Answer


I am a fulltime entrepreneur since April 1st of 2014 and because of that I am in love with entrepreneurship. And so, I have dedicated my life to entrepreneurship, building things up and having idea and bring them to life doing it over and over and over again. When you look at business, when you look at life, I want you to think about this; things have changed and the business scope has changed. Back in the days when internet wasn’t big or wasn’t a real thing yet, they have commercials and this commercials, people would shove things down your throat. So, if you are watching TV, there will be commercial breaks and if you are watching a 30 mins sitcom or an hour show, you would see that same commercial 2-3 times within that 1 hour because that company is targeting you and that is a marketing campaign. Now, the internet has leveled the playing field a lot more and it has empowered people who didn’t have this million dollar budget, which is a lot of people, to start a business.


So, that is where the podcasting comes into the fold for me. Now, what do I do and how it all work. We are on the age where content marketing is the new way of marketing.


What is content marketing? This is what it boils down too. It boils down to educating your customer and getting your customer or future clients familiar with you before they purchase or swipe their card. Think about it! Before, companies will tell you “buy this product” pretty much on a tv commercial. They would have a catchy slogan, but basically “Buy this”. But now, people in entrepreneurs like myself are putting out contents telling stories to get people to understand who we are or what we stand for and we build a business and a brand that way. This is the new way of marketing.


The principles of marketing will always be the same, but the mediums are going to change. So, my medium is podcast.


What exactly do you do “Mr Isiah” / “Mr Starts With A Vision”?


I get this question often because I am a behind the seen person, but no longer am I going to be behind the scene and play small. So, I have a digital marketing agency. But, it has a twist to it and I focus on podcast marketing. Podcast services and I mix that with your online brand. So, some of the things that I offer. I’ll tell you the packages, but I want you to know this. Some people think that podcasting is stupid and is not a necessity. So, in the future the audio is going to be a massive client. As people are traveling to work, they are listening to podcast. As they are closing up or cleaning up, they will be listening to podcasts or washing dishes, they’ll be listening to podcast. In the gym, they will be listening to podcast. Youtube videos, you may not be able to watch a youtube video, while you are in the gym. But, they can listen to podcast and listen attentively. And what that does is, if that is your information in their ears, they are getting more comfortable with you. If they are getting more comfortable with your, chances are they will come back to you when it’s time to make a purchase or more of your services. This is why I continue to focus on podcasting cause this is the future and I am not stopping and I am not letting up. Podcasting audio hasn’t reached its peak and is going to continue to grow and build.


Furthermore, what it is about is a platform. If you have a platform and awareness around you and about you. What will happen is you’ll be able to win and a lot of people will want to have in the future as well. It doesn’t matter if your have an existing company or business or if you are just starting out and wanted to start to go with podcast.So, this is why I focus my energy on podcasting. Why I did it! This is about being patient and going towards the future and positioning myself as a brand and as a company.


So, what are my services? I will run marketing campaign for local businesses. I have worked with SPAs, dental pracitioners, event services and event planners and such. But, what I love most to do is the podcast aspect of it because I feel like I am very creative and I feel like I have the best podcast based on what everyone believes.


So, the services that we provide as a company is we have different packages, but its a full service in terms of podcasting. So we can do “Done For You” service is we will setup the whole infrustracture of your podcast, everything and then we will give it to your as a client sales. So, thats is DONE FOR YOU.


We also have PODCAST MANAGEMENT for the busy entrepreneur who is already earning, but know the importance and value of a podcast. They want to continue to build that brand, but they just don’t have the time. So, we will manage that on a monthly basis every single month. We manage the whole podcast and everything.


We also have a Self-Study Course. It is a digital product and you can purchase the course and it will teach you everything you need to know from starting, launching it, marketing and analyzing that data and figuring out what you are going to do and how you are going to make it happen, grow and make money out of it.


We also have INTENSIVE service. I will personally come to your and spend the whole day to talk about how your are going to take this podcast and make money from it for your business and brand. We will create a blueprint for the whole and the story of it, brand, colors and everything. Then we will move to implementation.


The highest ONLINE BRAND AND EVERYTHING IN A BOX, we will set up everything as a whole and not just the podcast. We will set up everything from social media, all around to podcast, to marketing, to website. Strategy sessions and shooting promo video and launch to get out there the right way. Social media, funnels and growth.

These are what we do here at Starts With A Vision from marketing to podcasting because I am confident with my podcasting and story telling abilities and content that I know I will be able to help a lot of people doing this. And because of that, I said I am going this and I have been doing it for quite a while now and I want to answer everything in consistent basis. So if this is something that you want, shoot me a text message and let me know.

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