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SWAV 285 : Understanding the Sales Methods & Processes W/ Jim Brown

SWAV 285 : Understanding the Sales Methods & Processes W/ Jim Brown


Special Guest:

Name: Jim Brown

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  • Yeah, so it’s the majority is like that. In my company, I focus more on tech company that has 2-3 sales reps. So that is my focus, that is what I go to. I believe everybody should niche down to something I can work with. So that is my niche and my background. As you’ve said at the start of the show, I have taken one company from $1 Million to over $10 Million…


  • The first thing buyers do is lie to us. That’s a sales pitbull. Now, you go it and look around and look at the vacuums. And a lot of times, I don’t know this is you they are basically stealing at this point. They are stealing information and they are gathering all the research. They are looking at the product, the feeling and touching etc. But, they do not  buy. They steal that information and they leave.


  • Honest response. But, let me tell you how to do that. If you have not done discovery session. If you have not asked the right question to understand that pain, you will never get to go anywhere. And the only thing you can do is send follow up email. This is when your customer is on hide mode, because you’ve provided zero value to them.


  • I sold 1.2Million Dollar deal with Sears. You’ve talked about going to Sears department store is real. But, my biggest deal is with Sears where I sold 1.2Million dollar SEO deal. Now, in my opinion is 1.2 Million dollars a lot of money? Damn right it is! I can retire on 1.2 Million dollar, but to Sears is a rounding error. I might as well not exist. The value is always absolutely going to the person who is going to write the check never with the receiver.


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