SWAV 329 : Being a BOSS at PR, Raising Capital, Increasing Influence & Income W/ Diana Mae Fernandez

SWAV 329 : Being a BOSS at PR, Raising Capital, Increasing Influence & Income W/ Diana Mae Fernandez



Special Guest

Diana Mae Fernandez



  • In the past year, I have been to Germany, Poland, Amsterdam, Paris, London and Spain. Every single place I have been in is my favorite place at that moment cause I just want to live in that moment.


  • .. wanting to make such a huge difference that you have to roll with that. Ironically, it is me sitting on a couch potato doing nothing about it and seeing all these other people living there absolute biggest dreams. And I was just kind of sitting there, like ‘Okay, it is my time! I am doing being a benchwarmer’


  • I am tired working for the men and I want to be able to work for myself. So, when I left my firm. What ends up happening is that, they were like ‘Look, we want you to stay but we understand that you want to branch out and do your thing’ So, they actually gave me a check for $24,000 just to say “ Thank you for what you’ve done for us and really appreciate it”. Now, I took that $24k and I invested every single penny in stocks. I left nothing to myself.


  • My second year at the firm, they have invested in me with business and life coaches, so that I could just get better at my craft. So, they hired a team for me to just get better and I, to this day, nearly a decade ago this is the things that I still actively apply.


  • You know what’s funny! I love it, but I noticed that it makes me be outside and I just want to like sleep. But, I just wanted to be the focus. So this morning, when I woke up it was like raining in Malta. Yes! It’s the best. I was so pumped that it’s raining so then I can just stay at home and focus on making money and just start selling and connecting.

Diana Mae Fernandez

Facebook: Diana Mae Fernandez

Snapchat: @DalsMastermind

Company: Self-made success

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