SWAV 330 I’m Launching a Luxury Sunglasses Company & Here is Why

SWAV 330 I’m Launching a Luxury Sunglasses Company & Here is Why



This episode will not be long but will be impactful.

I just want to say. I hope you know what you want in your life and not chasing the wrong thing. I was thinking, I know about a month or one and half month ago, I did an episode and it was about how I am scaling down from 4 episodes a week to just 1 episode a week. How I’ve been feeling and stuff like that.

So, I really want to shed more light on that and actually let you know on what is going on. So, I was really think so much.A lot of things I am thinking about and I was able to do some reflection. I have come in contact with a lot of things. A few of this things are as follows:

One, I realize that I have matured and grown, I was hustling backwards. We are all fed with this lie actually. We are giving a blueprint and this people telling us to do XYZ. This people sharing this information are actually not doing that and are paying them lower.

So, I just reflected on so much and I realized that I was offering service to people and yeah it was cool, money was being made. But, I feel like online entrepreneurship is becoming crowded and so taboo. It is something that people think they can do because they want to be cool. For me, I was an entrepreneur before I was online. I have always wanted freedom and be able to live my life the way I wanted it. I did not become an entrepreneur because someone showed me their face. For me, It just runs so deep in my heart and my blood. This is a part of me, you know.  So, for a lot of people I was just  starting to see a lot of different things. I honestly didn’t want to be part of it. I feeling used, it was always like people wanted it for me. The relationship wasn’t always that beneficial. It was getting me exhausted. I just had to take sometime for myself. People say it’s self care. My theme for 2018 is psychology and taking care of yourself if need be. I cannot inspire anybody if I am not all the way where I am supposed to be. I was rejuvenating. This Are the things that I was thinking about.

I realized I do not want to sell my information and knowledge. That may sound weird and crazy, but I do not want to sell it. I do not want to put a price on the information that I have. But, that is not to say that I am going to sit here and just pour it on somebody for free. So, I was like… How can I merge everything and still be able to get my point across without being exhausted and things like such. So, I did I a lot of introspect. I know a lot of people online who feels this way. Online entrepreneurship is not the only way to be entrepreneur. THere are a whole lot of world outside social media and business where people are still making million dollars.

This is what leaves me to where I am right now and the decision that I made. So, I decided that I will launch a Luxury Sunglass company and I will be documenting the whole process. From the idea it came.which was last year. But, I didn’t act on it until the end of November. So, from the end of November till now, I have been documenting about what has already happened and the things I have learned.

Also, I’ll be documenting from now until the future. I will be in China in March and I will be documenting that. Anything that you can think of with starting an e-commerce business, I will be documenting that. I am not playing around. There will be no fee. I will not be charging anything. I will be making a video and connecting it to a blog post. So, on my website, I will be having a blog post and the video to go with it. If you want to follow this journey called “The Visionaries Voyage” that is what I am calling this journey or voyage, you can go to so you can receive update everytime a new article is published. So, this is what is going on right now.

So, I am going to start a sunglass company and help people with their vision. These glasses will be doup! I will be documenting the behind the scenes of the marketing and everything. I will be buying GoPro and it will be Dope! I am extremely excited with this and it is very dear to my heart. I know this will be life changing and I am in no rush.


So, every article will be either once or twice a week. But, you will know when there is a new article if you sign up for the update. Again visit  for you to get notified when a new article is out. I will be documenting everything from finding a manufacturer to everything!

A lot of people think that they have to be an online service provider, that they have to be an online entrepreneur. You don’t! If you feel being drained and exhausted, just get out of social media. You do not have to be like that. Here are a few tips that I did. I deleted my facebook and messenger app. I also have this google extension on my Chrome, which is called FEEDKILL. It stops me from seeing my FB feeds at all. So, I do not know anything online and it makes me feel so good cause now my mind, soul and spirit is clear. I no longer accidentally thinking or seeing someone else’s life. No one is coming to me, to myself and my mind. Because of that, I am better and productive. It makes me feel confident with where I am going in this life.


So, I will be launching this Luxury Sunglasses. Again visit  for you to get notified when a new article is out.

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