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Treat your business or Start Up Like a job

As an entrepreneur time management is our worst enemy literally. When people start their own business and quit their job they feel as though they’re free. Most people have no idea thet they are a lsave tot heir own business until things get off the ground, and systems are in place.

When you are working at your job what do you do? You have to be there a certain time, and working at a certain time right? Depending if the job is salary or hourly you will have breaks in between right? You will also have a designated time for lunch right? So please tell me why in the world wouldn’t you do the same for you and your business. Why would you strictly work for someone else, but as soon as you leave your job you feel as though you’re free and can do whatever you want? You’re wrong and you can’t. If you’re going to be super successful here’s what you need to do. Create a schedule and stick to it.

Create your schedule:

If you are a night owl then work at night. If you love the morning then work in the morning. Whatever floats your boat, but make sure you get the job done. Give yourself timelines, deadlines, goals weekly, and monthly. Gvie yourself quarterly, and yearly goals as well. Be so hard on yourself because your business and future depend on it. Don’t allow anyone to call you for drinks and abandon your responsibilities of building your business.

Cook your lunch and snacks as if you’re going to the job, even if it is on your living room couch. This is what that will do. It will allow you to not have to worry about what you’re going to eat when you get hungry, and therfore you won’t get distracted when the times comes. Know when you’re off work and leave it alone when the time comes. This will aloow you not to feel so overwhelmed every single day. Sometimes you will work more, well most of the time, but make sure you’re prepared for that. Get yourself some good music that puts you in a zone and get to work. Don’t let things distract you so easily.

Write down what you need to accomplish the night before for the next day so that way when you wake up and it’s time to work you know exactly what needs to be done and you’re not just on facebook or online shopping. That’s probably what happens when you’re at work though I’m sure.

At the end of the day, treat your dream like a job or else your job will be your reality forever.

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