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If you are unhappy it is your fault, and this is what I highly recommend

Here’s what you can do if you’re not happy, and it’s simple but not easy. If you’re not happy then make a sacrifice to commit time in order to ensure your happiness in the near future. The best example I can come up with is if you’re working a job from the morning to the early or late evening and not happy. If you get to work at 8am and don’t get off until 4 or 5pm those hours in the evening is more than enough to create your business on the side until your revenue is increased enough to the point where you can quit your current job.

What most people do is when they get off work they feel like it’s time to chill. Whether it be after getting off that day or on your off days most people just like to chill. People get off work and forget the pain they feel when they wake up pissed off that they have to go do something that they truly don’t want to do.

Success is your duty and obligation. Whatever you see fit as success is something you should be in pursuit until you accomplish it, and then it’s going to be time to increase your view of success and strive for that. I just don’t agree with coming home, getting off of work, drinking a beer and watching TV or something to that affect. So many people are extremely unhappy but continuously doing those exact same things everyday that make them unhappy without making a conscious decision to change it immediately.

If you complain everyday or every so often about your job or situation no one is going to care, especially if you aren’t doing anything to get in a better place in life. This is also deeper than just being happy, although that’s very important, but it’s also about enjoying your adulthood. A majority of your adulthood is spent working so why are you not doing something that brings you happiness and fulfillment? 20 + years is an eternity to be miserable and unhappy.

Go get what you deserve! Get off your ass, put that beer down, put that remote control down, stay away from partying and go build you something that’s going to pay dividends down the line so you’re not stuck doing something you absolutely hate!

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