How the Wright brothers created a whole Industry

So there are two brothers with the last name of wright. I want to share with you what they did and why I strive so hard to be as great as I possibly can. Two brothers by the name of Orville and Wilbur Wright were inventors of the world’s first successful aerial airplane. They created the world’s first aerial airplane!

Now allow me to break this down for you because some people would take this really lightly. Before airplanes were invented people were on horses because cars weren’t even invented at this time and technology wasn’t advanced at all. So the reason why this is so huge is because they operated off a simple idea they had and that was it. People looked at them crazy and laughed at them, but they didn’t care and made it happen.

The dream of their idea becoming a reality was much more important than all the words the writics had to say. This is a great example of Entrepreneurship at it’s finest. Entrepreneurs create, entrepreneurs think so far outside the box it scares them and others to death. The only difference between entrepreneurs and regular people is that entrepreneurs keep going even though they are scared and regular people allow that scared feeling to stop them in their tracks. That’s the only difference.

After the airplane was created, so many good things happened. The Wright brothers created a whole INDUSTRY. I say this because after the invention of the airplane businessmen saw opportunities to profit and began making airplanes that could fly people from the U.S to Europe and Africa to Asia. This was monumental to the world because after that the airline industry came about, and what that means is Job opportunities for so many people to have a chance to provide for their spouses and families.

Another reason why I say that everything you do in life Starts With a Vision because without a Vision these guys would have never been able to manifest this. Without a Vision they would have quit after the first critic, or first time being laughed at. But they stayed the course and continued to push and push until it manifested in the real world. If two brothers are able to create an airplane in the 1800s then you can start a profitable business in 2016. It’s that simple.

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